Singapore Night Safari is an interesting place to fill your night in Singapore. It is a wonderful place set up in forested area with a huge number of animals. Those who plan to bring along family with children and senior citizen, do not worry. A tram provided to makes your way more comfortable. Tram will be stop and there will be a live introduction on the animals at every station.

I went there around 6.30pm and spend our time watching the tribal performances while waiting for the animal show. Creatures of the Night Show started at 7.30pm and here was no additional charge for the show. So do remember to spare your time to see the show.

There are three Walking trails for those who enjoy walking in the nature and breathe the fresh air, Fishing Cat Trail, Forest Giant Trail and The Leopard Trail. Through the trails, you can have a closer view of some of the wildlife at closed station.  Because of the time limit after finished the Creature of the Night Show, we only managed to go for The Leopard Trail. But you should be prepared to strain your eyes. It was hard to trace them in the dark and sometime they are hanging insensibly on the tree. I was quite disappointed at some stops because I cannot see anything other than trees.

Through out the end of our night at Night Safari, we passed through bats’ house. I did not feel to go in, but there were no other way unless to go back the same way where we were coming. So I was forced myself to just go in, walk faster and left the house. Unpleasant smells and sudden movement during our pass in the house shocked me.

We left night safari at 11pm and enjoyed our time there.

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